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Electronic Phase Separation AU111 Quasi-1D systems Pb/Si111 monolayer DISORDER Core level photoelectron spectroscopy Inhomogeneity EXCITATIONS HIGH-TEMPERATURE SUPERCONDUCTORS Electronic phase separation MAGNESIUM DIBORIDE Proximity effect SELF-ASSEMBLED MONOLAYERS Non-volatile memory devices Mott memories HIGH-PRESSURE Mott insulator Electronic avalanche LATTICE 15-NM GOLD NANOPARTICLES Friedel oscillations Density Functional Theory Heat treatment VORTEX SCANNING-TUNNELING-MICROSCOPE Couplage spin-orbite Resistive switches MGB2 SELF-INDUCED TRANSPARENCY Bipolar resistive switching BRS PRECURSOR SUPERCONDUCTIVITY Multilayer graphene Charge density wave Electric field effects Order-disorder transformations Collective electronic properties Unconventional superconductivity ENERGY-GAP Effet de proximité SEMICONDUCTOR Microscopie à effet tunnel DNA Scanning tunneling microscopy POINT-CONTACT SPECTROSCOPY NANOTECHNOLOGY Superconducting tip GROWTH Local magnetism Elemental semiconductors MECHANISM PR2-XCEXCUO4 Resistive Switching Resistive switching STM Interaction Rashba spin-orbite SPECTROSCOPY FABRICATION EMISSION Pt/NbSrTiO3 interfaces Coulomb blockade Edge states Diffusion 2D monolayer Pseudogap Avalanche breakdown Rashba interaction HYDROGEN-BONDS BORON ELECTRONIC-SPECTRA Multiferroic BiFeO3 Raman Silicon Coulomb staircase DENSITY-OF-STATES Superconductivity Photoemission D-WAVE SUPERCONDUCTORS 2H-NbSe2 SCANNING TUNNELING SPECTROSCOPY Pseudogap phenomena DENSITY Materials preparation Monocouche de Pb/Si111 PHOTOEMISSION Low energy electron diffraction Mott insulators INTERPLAY STATES RESONANCE BI2SR2CACU2O8+DELTA Novel mechanisms FILMS Resistance random access memory ReRAM Magnétisme local Cuprates Critical field NB3SN PARTICLES ARRAYS Ru