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Génie des procédés Cake discharge Particle-laden flows Saltation Granular Materials Numerical simulation Computer simulation Order-disorder Friction Chemical B2 long-range order Flow Lait Infrared spectroscopy General or Miscellaneous Instruments useful in three or more fields Emulsions and foams Milieu granulaire Avalanche X-ray diffraction Granular systems Granular matter Mechanical alloying And modeling Granular media Microfluidics Porous media Acoustic wave Hydrology Desertification Compaction Fugitive emissions Aerosols and foams Dirichlet distribution Aggregation Granular Flow Granular avalanches Biaxial test Adhesion strength Heat transfer Fe-Co-Sn alloys FeCo alloys Granular medium Suspension Pattern formation Models MOTION Random flights EQUATIONS Metals and alloys Flow in channels Granular flow Milieux granulaires Granular compaction Saturation length Dunes Chalcogenide glass MODEL Granular flows Mechanochemical processing Hyperfine interactions Incipient movement Morphologie des dunes à l’équilibre Sediment transport Aeolian sand transport Clogging Dune reversal Drop and bubble formation Milieux poreux Discrete element method Avalanches Granular solids Ceramics Calcium carbonate Instability Rheology Longueur de saturation Filter cloth DYNAMICS Diffuse scattering Effective thermal conductivity Modélisations des dunes Dunes aquatiques Granular materials Filtration cycle Acoustique Colloids Porous materials Granular flow mixing segregation and stratification Dune modelling Modélisation Failure Bedforms Mössbauer spectroscopy Nanoparticles GRANULAR FLOWS DEM simulations Fictitious domain method 3D bed topography Aeolian transport Stability Acoustics