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ISM molecules Software Component Model Accretion disks Planets and satellites composition Schrödinger equation Supercapacitors Calcul haute performance Parallélisme MPI Conservation laws OpenACC Large time steps Task scheduling Transport properties Optimized Schwarz waveform relaxation Domain decomposition Multi-cores SiC/SiC OpenMP Parallel computing 35Q35 CUDA Methods numerical Asynchronous communication Stencil Sparse matrix 65M55 Turbulence Task parallelism Accretion Hyperbolic systems 001–15 FFT Memory footprint Separation of concerns Two-phase flows Stars formation Spin crossover ISM structure Plasma physics Supernovae general Absorbing boundary conditions Phase transitions High performance computing Multidimensional Riemann solver Radiative transfer Magnetohydrodynamics Astrophysics - Astrophysics of Galaxies Plasma Physics Compressible two-phase flow Algèbre linéaire Convection Gas dynamics Gravitational effects Planets and satellites atmospheres Exascale Mixed formulations Electron Simulation MD simulation HPC Architectures hétérogènes et homogènes All-Regime scheme Vectorization Well-balanced property Shared-memory Dynamic processes HII regions 65Y05 Hydrodynamics 53A17 65D99 Godunov-type scheme Aerodynamics Planets and satellites gaseous planets Arnoldi method AMITEXFFTP Linear systems A64FX Accélération GPU Multidimensional Riemann solvers ISM clouds Scheduling Solvation Linear algebra Data parallelism Porous materials 65M60 Stars massive Alveolar echinococcosis Approximate Riemann solver Brown dwarfs Anti-diffusion Aluminosilicate glasses Task-Based Model Iterative methods All-regime schemes Programming model 76A99 Numerical simulation