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 Smart Integrated Electronic Systems

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Machine-learning algorithms Reliability Copper Digital ATE Analytical models Circuit simulation Edge artificial intelligence edge AI Integrated circuit noise Advanced PMA STT-MRAM SRAM Low-cost measurements Bandwidth 1-bit acquisition Test efficiency Integrated circuit modeling Analog and RF integrated circuits RF integrated circuits Through-silicon vias Bioimpedance Ensemble methods Phase noise Evaluation Carbon nanotube 3D Oscillatory neural networks ONN Integrated circuit design Thermal sensor SEU Test Automatic test pattern generation Indirect testing Clocks Time-domain analysis Three-dimensional integrated circuits Calibration Pattern recognition Integrated circuit testing Side-channel analysis Three-dimensional displays Quantum computing Self-heating Electrothermal simulation Secure IC Interconnects Integrated circuit interconnections Education Fault tolerance Electrothermal analysis Magnetic tunneling Analog signals Switches Alternate test Process variability Technology computer-aided design TCAD One bit acquisition Sensors RSA Carbon nanotubes Phase shifter Indirect test Interconnect Low power Design CMOS Specifications Analog/IF signals Integrated circuit reliability ZigBee ATE programming Monitoring RF test Neuromorphic computing Integrated circuits Noise Delays Bioimpedance spectroscopy Test confidence Power demand Circuit faults OQPSK Analog/RF integrated circuits Vanadium dioxide Accelerometer Security Digital signal processing Test cost reduction FDSOI technology Power supplies Noise measurement 3D integration Logic gates Self-oscillations Microprocessors Transistors MEMS Computer architecture BIST Temperature distribution Alternate testing Beyond-CMOS devices