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Welcome to Forest Experimental Facility (UEFP) collection

The Forest Experimental Facility (UEFP) is recognized as a collective scientific facility of INRAE since 2018. In its missions, the UEFP installs and manages forest trials and instrumented sites; measures and collects various samples in all types of forest ecosystems; produces and conserves genetic resources of various forest species. For this purpose, the UEFP manages large forest lands associated with the trials (more than 700 ha of its own land and under agreement), owns a 4 ha nursery as well as technical labs dedicated to seed and pollen conditioning and biomass measurements and has staff with expertise in the creation/administration of IS and data bases.

The UEFP is involved in research infrastructures labelled by the Ministry of Research: In-Sylva France, ICOS, ANEE France Natura, RARe-Pilier Forêt.

On this site, you can consult the HAL-UEFP collection.

We wish to :
To increase the visibility of the UEFP
To take part in the valorisation of the scientific production allowed by our Collective Scientific Installation
To ensure the perenniality of the deposited data
To answer the requirements of the European Commission within the framework of certain projects financed for half by public funds and the requirements of the ANR

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