, S * 2 (r, z) (b) B * 2 (r, z)

, Representation of the steady-state solution

W. Da, 2) (µ(1)) := 1/µ(1)
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N. W. Da,

N. W. Da, According to Remark 2.2 and Definition 4.1, the stability analysis of system (1.2) (shown in Section 1) can be rewritten as ? If Da < Da W (1.2) (µ(1)), then the equilibrium solution (1, 0) of system (1.2) is asymptotically stable. ? If µ satisfies (A1) and Da > Da NW (A1),(1.2) (µ(1)), then the equilibrium solution

, ? If µ satisfies (A2) and Da > Da NW (A2)

, (1.2) = 1 (and the difference, when µ(1) = 0.5, between the variable Da W (2.4) (Th B , µ(1)) and the constant Da W (1.2) (µ(1)) = 2). In both cases Th B ?, Th B ) and the constant Da NW (A2)

, Similarly, for the particular case when µ(1) = 0.5, we observe that log(Da W (2.4) (Th B , 0.5)) ? log(2) also for values smaller than log(Th B ) ? ?2 (Th B ? 0.1). This comparison, performed with other reaction values µ(1) ? {i/20} 20 i=1

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