, The log of CFU was lower for fresh stored semen diluted in extender containing Gent+Amox, p.80

, Gent+Pen (3,56) being intermediate

, Fertility per cycle was similar for 5 draught stallions whose semen was diluted, stored at 4°C for 2

, 2004) and with Gent+Amox (100 mg/L) (69%, n= 288, 2005.

, These experiments has proven the safety of Amoxicillin for the equine spermatozoa, even at high dosage. Its antimicrobial action has been demonstrated: Amoxicillin is almost as efficient as Penicillin for the control of normal flora of stallion semen. This is consistent with previous data [1]. So this antibiotic could be used instead of Penicillin for this indication

, However, in case of pathogens portage or genital infection of the stallion, use of semen for artificial insemination (AI) must be reconsidered. AI can be used if the bacterial infection could be controlled by antibiotics (the ones tested here or others)

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