, Nitrification inhibitors: why are the results non-consistent, WG2 will be convened by Shabtai Bittman (Agriculture and Agri-Food, Canada) and Jose M. Estavillo

, Where is the nitrogen not accounted for in field studies, WG3 will be convened by Luis Lopez-Bellido

. Leguminous, . Fmb--irta, ). Spain, and G. Francis, Are they always advantageous, WG5 will be convened by Francesc Domingo

, Interpretation of different N-efficiency indices. WG6 will be convened by

, What is the optimum N application recommendation system for each agricultural system, WG7 will be convened by Paquita Santiveri

, Which policies are actually effective to reduce nitrates in water? Shortcomings and challenges, vol.8

, What are the key issues for N modelling, WG9 will be

, The importance of gaseous N emissions in future N management legislation, vol.10