, Atlantic salmon IGHV genes on NC_027302.1 (Salsal locus B, ssa03)] and correspond to 75 new alleles (61 of them are * 01 and 14 are * 02), accession numbers NC_027305.1 and NC_027302.1. These reports concern 75 different genes [35 Atlantic salmon IGHV on NC_027305.1 (Salsal locus A, ssa06) and 40

, The rainbow trout genome (assembly: Omyk_1.0, 2017.

, Two IGH loci were identified, locus A on chromosome 13 (Oncmyk chr13) and locus B on chromosome 12 (Oncmyk chr12), both of them are in forward (FWD) orientation. The IMGT-NC Report #2019-10-040 2 comprises the submission of 181 rainbow trout IGH gene sequences from NC_035089.1 (Oncmyk Omy13) and NC_035088.1 (Oncmyk Omy12), This IMGT-NC report concerns 181 different genes: 74 genes in locus A on Oncmyk chr 13 (49 IGHV, 11 IGHD, 10 IGHJ, and 4 IGHC on NC_035089.1) and 107 genes in locus B on Oncmyk chr, p.12

, LIGM-DB) for Oncmyk locus A [O. mykiss (rainbow trout), taxon:8022, isolate: Swanson, assembly Omyk_1.0, GenBank assembly ID: GCF_002163495.1, chromosome 13: CM007947.1 (48012355-48422510), IGH locus A] [this entry includes IMGT annotated genes from NC_035089.1 (Oncmyk Omy13)] and IMGT000044 for Oncmyk locus B [O. mykiss (rainbow trout), taxon:8022, isolate: Swanson, IGHV, 13 IGHD, 9 IGHJ, and 5 IGHC on NC_035088.1) and corresponds to 181 new alleles * 01. Two new entries were created in IMGT/LIGM-DB: IMGT000043 (IMGT

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