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Le Cahier des Techniques is a journal that publishes papers in French, with an abstract in English. These papers involve technical implementation, protocols, prototypes and methodologies, conceived, validated and implemented in the laboratories of our institute. It satisfies an essential and perenial function for our institute : encourage, valorise and organise the circulation of knowledge and expertise inside the technical and scientific communities.

Le Cahier des Techniques publishes different forms of papers : some regular issues made from papers posted on the web when accepted, some thematic issues (like animal phenotype in 2018) that are part of a specified project (research department) of a dedicated editorial board. These issues for some of them are online and / or in a paper version.

The papers are peer-reviewed by an expert of the domain. This peer-reviewing is a light version as Le Cahier des Techniques is not a scientific journal. It aims at ensuring the relevance and the interest of the paper for the journal and its readers. Note that the authors that first publish papers are trained by our training service to write technical papers.

Published papers are under the CC-BY-SA license and are online at the following address:

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